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Re: Anxiety in the marriage

Originally Posted by DogLover2014 View Post
Chosen, I know how people look down on 'cheaters', it's one of the worst things you can do.

Raymond, I got a terrible bug right before my anxiety started. I've never been so sick in my life. But your right, my mum is a clean freak and I think she's very similar to me. I also think I have social anxiety. I like being with people but big crowds or groups tend to make me uneasy. So I seem prone to nervousness.

I feel I've gotten further from God. I feel ashamed. I know I've begged for forgiveness and I feel it's been dealt with, I just feel like a failure. Like I'll never ever be good enough for him no matter what I do.
Unless you tell people they will never need to know what you have or havent done in the past. If you have asked GOd for forgiveness then you are forgiven, and the guilt isnt from Him.
Everyone in the world has things they wish they hadnt done, because we are all fallible human beings. Dont beat yourself up any more.
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