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Re: Faithfulness Matters

my wife left me last week, we have been together 8 years and married for 4 years, yes like most we had our arguments etc, but on this day we had a argument and i looked at my wife and asked her if she was in love with me or even loved me, she did not say anything. my response was, well in that case i'm not in love with you or even love you then, she said do you want me to leave? i said its up to you, i said you may as well because if you dont love me no point in being here with me. so she packed a overnight bag and left, she said can i borrow the car? i said yes of course you can.

and now i am hurting so much and in so much pain, i feel empty and alone, i wish i never said thos words to her. i have sent her many txt messages begging her to come back and im sorry for saying what i said, and she said she is not coming back, it seem very hard to think that someone can just leave over some silly argument and some words. she still got my car. she is no not responding to my messages, i have asked for my car back and she just said she needs a few more days to sort herself out etc. she said she will be back for the rest of her things.

the Police have said if she dont bring the car back then they will arrest her and charge her with theft, i dont want that to happen to her, the officer said she is doing this to hurt you more.

i know what i said was wrong but i would never of thought she would of left me just like that. god what has happend
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