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Sexless marriage for almost 4 years

Hello Everyone, this is my first post on here.

When I first met my wife she was new to everything and had no experience in dating or sex. She honestly didn't even know half the things she should have been taught in school about sex. She was raised in a divorced family where she saw her Dad at least 3 times a week and then lived with her mom full time. She went to a small christian school (Who I am blaming for her not knowing at least the basics of sex)

Anyways we dated for 2 years and then got married, come to find out on the wedding night she is completely petrified of sex, needless to say the night didn't go well. After the honey moon we went to see a gynecologist and the Dr. couldn't even exam in my wife cause she wouldn't even hold still on the table and was afraid the Dr. was going to hurt her. We went to several people and did tons of research come to find out she suffers from vaginismus, or so she says. She also had a surgery performed to remove her Hymen.

So we've been married almost 4 years coming up this September and we still have yet to consummate this marriage.

We tried using the diolater's with no luck, we have tried numbing gels with no luck etc.

She has been seeing a physical therapist for almost a year now off and on, the therapist says she is making progress but at the same time I honestly have only seen minor progress, I still cant even use a finger to penetrate.

Let me just say I am not one of those husbands who just sits around waiting for the wife to do all the work in the bed! for the last 4 years the only thing I have been able to do on my wife is go down on her. I am constantly asking her if she wants to try again, or if we can at least fool around and half the time she doesn't want too..

Too top everything off for the last 2 months she has had Vertigo and now she cant even go out and do things with me, but either way she never wants to go out and do stuff anyways.

Any and all advice would be amazing!
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