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Re: Unhappily married to wrong person

I have been married 23 yrs and think you are right Kansas even if you have only been married two and half years. It's not all down to experience. Sometimes the young can have more wisdom than the old. I have had to work hard at my marriage at times. I lacked the initial in love feeling, but my wife had that and it has turned out to be enough. Also I was an orphan which had it's own problems. I had never shared real love. The main thing is commitment and honouring the vows before God. That is what gets you through and enriches one's marriage.

As I mentioned on another thread I had to rely on scriptures like love your enemies at times, not that DW was my enemy, but that is what it felt like from my warped point of view at times. I don't think you can marry the wrong person if you do it in faith, whatever it seems like afterwards. I knew my wife was a girl of good character and there was a chemical attraction on my side and an in love feeling on hers, that was enough as it turns out.
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