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Re: Advice needed on whether should let husband come on holiday with us.

Exactly my thoughts Jackie. What else can you do? You are doing well to do what you do.

Hubby is obviously feeling guilty. He knows he is in the wrong but at least he is relating to a certain extent although this cannot be as husband and wife while this is going on.

You are quite within your rights to disallow him being on holiday with you. He knew this when you told him. There will be a pressure there for him to give up this woman when you do the right thing. Whether he responds to this pressure is another thing. I certainly wouldn't reccommend any sex with him. You do well to keep yourself busy as you are doing. One thing you should never do is crawl to him or beg in the present circumstances.

The pressure will be there not because you are trying to pressure him but because you do the right thing. Basically he has stepped out of a legitimate marriage into adultery. He is unlikely to find repentance while he is having his cake and eating it if you ge the gist.

Therefore you can keep your self esteem intact in doing what you are doing. We can only hope he will eventually see the light and get right about everything. It was very perceptive of you to realise it was only guilt that made him ask if you were alright. I think you were absolutely correct.

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