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Re: I don't love my wife and never have...

Grace you are misquoting me I feel. In Dawns case I do believe if her husband decided to love her with all that entails a big change would be made. Presumably he had originally made a bed of love and a commitment. The spirit of what I am saying is not the way you are putting it across at all.

I know you disagree with a lot of what I say and I know I have a different view of marriage from what you have, but this is a forum. If you feel so strongly against the advice I am giving I would reccommend you speak to David who runs this site with his wife Liz and are concerned to preserve marriages if possible. I do not feel that I am that way out from the advice that is given on this site where the emphasis is for working on marriages and not to cut and run without trying. Nobody has to do what I say and people are also free to divorce if they want.

You have picked out a negative phrase from the Aspergers marriage advice. Within that advice is a lot of positive things that one could do to improve such a marriage. We are talking about people who have romanced and married Aspergers people and knew what they were getting into. I think if Andrew read the advice he may stand a better chance of making it work and preserving his marriage and wellbeing of his wife and children. It is really up to him. We all have freewill.

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