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Re: Hearthbroken-Husband is leaving me

He acts like a man who is hiding something serious and would rather end the marriage than to have to reveal whatever it is. As a matter of fact, although you do not believe he is into porn, he acts exactly like a man who is...from the emotional distancing to the lack of interest in sex (that is usually the first signs).

Keep your eyes may be surprised....I hope I am wrong...but been there, done that, seen too much of it too often. The only other possibility I can see is depression even though he says he is not....and there is usually a really good reason for that too which he may not want you to know. Does he drink?

I am so sorry that your life is unraveling without any clear explanation as it is. At least others here have their suspicions or are left without a clue. Maybe your going forward to let him out of the marriage will be the wake up call he needs to dig deeper into whatever is the cause or reveal something to you that you have the right to know.

This is shocking for you, but there definately is something going on over there.

Why have you been having problems with your self esteem?
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