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Re: Hearthbroken-Husband is leaving me

He doesn't drink. I only say my self esteem is low in that I feel old and past my best although I haven't let myself go.
He's never shown any interest in porn. I can actually say his feelings towards being intimate started to change when he thought I was having an affair. I wasn't and was completely shocked he accused me of it. I'd genuinely been working late alot. He had been checking up on my computer and saw I'd created a new e mail address which was only to join flickr . He had been watching me through the curtains late at night when I pulled up in my car and thought I was having secret conversations on my phone etc when I was only replying to messages I'd received on the way home from work.
He was beside himself with jealousy and it took several months to persuade him he was wrong. Sex after that seemed distant on his part then gradually decreased.
Anyway, I agree there may be something he's not telling me or maybe he has just fallen out of love with me and hasn't got the commitment to try and work through it.
It's typical of him to only go to one counselling session then say it's a waste of time. He never has listened to anyone else's advice whatever it's about.
He is a kind man though and whatever issues he has or reasons he has I know he's hurting too and not deliberately hurting me.
Thanks for listening
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