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Re: Hearthbroken-Husband is leaving me

There are a lot of pointers to situation he feels very depressed about with the weight gain and depression. He feels badly and he wants to do the right thing and he does not want his wife to be unhappy. He indicates he loves her but " is not in love with her" as he was at the beginning. Sorry, But I see things differently than others.

I see a man who turns self hatred inward. It is not what he is eating, but what eats him. Do you have any reason to believe this man is confused about his own sexuality? There are so many instances I know about with men who left marriages to pursue and alternate lifestyle. Not women, I mean.
A man may marry to mask feelings and to fit into the mold to family and friends. He denies inner feelings and later finds he can't live a lie. Gambling can be used as a sexual substitute with poor impulse control issues. It might be a quick fix to feeling depressed for him.

Such male encounters can be transient and distubing. These encounters may go on for years undetected. A man can be influenced or abused as a child and have that confusion. It is common today to hear a man will leave wife and children to accept there is a problem. It is also true there is more counselling of men who are subliminally sexually confused. If that is a situation most never admit the problem but will discuss with counselor.

The best course would be to marital counselling to get to answers.

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