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Dear Lindentree..

My life is wonderful! I came through a shell shocked, hard life to find a good life with a kind and decent husband. If we had no difficult times, maybe we would not appreciate how good things can be? I have a really good life.

I have seen the pekapoo dogs. They are really adorable, and about same size dog. Dipper goes half day each week to daycare for playtime. Then I go to grocery shop, movie or errands without him.

Yes, that desire to complete degree is very strong. The degree does often open career doors. I took a campus secretary job to complete my degree. It was pretty tough going between the two. My daughter was 3.5. I met my husband during that time, with my two Associate degrees, and few months short of Bachelors. It was marry him, go to Germany, or stay in US. HMMM. Guess which one I chose? I found a good career track anyway.

In this area Civil service is great career track plus any healthcare skill. We have huge hospital complexes here so Dental tech school, X-Ray tech, other hospital tech skills, all have salary while learning. That would be a good choice for anyone who needs income, while increasing skills. In a sense, this stage in your life also means you can find a new life and a DO OVER is not all bad! Challenges, yes, but women really have so many opportunities today, not there years back. Look on this as a time to "FIX YOU" and make your dreams possible. The biggest hurdle now seems to be to get a good attorney, and use the system to find out what you can get now to start fresh. What assets are yours, and what skills have you got? What are your potentials?

I would not look back over my shoulder too much, in your place, because it does not sound as if his vows of "forever" even go to "help you get your feet under" now! Don't be rushed to make decisions that benefit him, and be sure you discuss any decisions about your legal situation with someone who knows. Do consider a climate and living area with museums and vacation areas, and things you like to do, when you think to relocate. You might have fun to order a Welcome package or two from Chamber of Commerce in states/areas you like. I think that is fun to find out the biggest employers and what is available, with that information.

You have posters here who survived a divorce and found a better life. Keep positive.
I'd love some days in London or UK again as well. I watch Masterpiece Theatre productions, Mr. Selfridge and Downtown Abbey. Where is that winning Lottery ticket?

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