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Hi Chosen..

A marvelous looking, majestic dog through shoulders and head. I do see the reason you are so taken with the breed. It is interesting about the heritage for sure. I think I have seen pics of such an animal on Egyptian style pottery in the museum. I do think you might be right the dog would be prey driven around cats as it probably has that hunters instinct.

I've love my animals and grieve terribly when they pass. I loved Sparky, the Ferret, and baby, who walked blocks on a leash, to the amusement of all who saw them. They could hop-hop pretty fast and loved the outings. Sparky would visit me in the kitchen, put his little paws in prayerful begging for a raisin or two. It was so sweet. We played hide and seek, and they were delighted and jumped into the air when they found me. Sparky got a mouth cancer at 5, and a $1,000 VET bill, removed the tumor, which sadly returned later. We had a few extra months. When the VET put him down, I cried for days. It sure can break ones' heart to lose a pet.

Pets bring out the compassion/laughter, and break down walls we have with people. It would be terribly lonely in a house without a companion.

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