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I still really miss all of my previous dogs. I didnt adopt a saluki by choice especially, I have had dogs of all sorts of shapes and sizes and breeds and none. In fact none of them were pedigrees, they were all cross breeds. I adore little terriers. I had a Jack Russell terrier X we adopted at age 6, and also a Norfolk Terrier X at about age 10 who was a stray and turned out to be deaf. It didnt bother her though, she was happy.
Salukis are very friendly and good with children but they arent always easy to train and can be quite aloof and dont always come back when called. In the past she has run off and its taken us ages to find her. Now she is 7 1/2 she rarely does that now. They also dont like being left alone, are strong pack dogs, so we never leave her for more than 2 hours.
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