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Chosen, I love the memories of all our sweet dogs. Each was special. My little Pekinese gave me a scare today. I had German Shepherds, a Pekinese before this one, and a sweet mixed rescue dog we had years back. We were glad to have them for the lifetimes. Wonderful dogs end up in rescue shelters.
That is a rattler, when the dog is a runner! We had a German Shepherd who escaped several times. Scary to worry something happens. I am paranoid now on the fence lock so the lawn care team locks the gate. I . I go out and recheck it, even though . Still, I never leave him alone outside.

Dipper was doing his psycho runs along the fence, back/forth at full speed when the dog is on the other side. He gallops full speed and ran right into my leg in his path! I heard the wind knock out. When I brought him in the house, I saw he was rattled. He dropped down on the floor, eyes so big, and starts shaking, shaking. Boy, he scared the tar out of me! I thought he got really injured. I felt him all over carefully, talked soothing to him. I picked him up and sat down with him in my chair and rocked him. He was really scared. I was afraid he hurt his back, but he seemed fine after a few minutes. That little energetic dog is fragile, very small. He is a size of a Yorkie, a sleeve Pekinese. He seems fine now, but I will keep an eye on him. I don't even let him jump down off the bed by himself, because I worry he will get hurt. He is 7 yrs.

He seldom stays home alone, as I take him when I can. If I plan grocery trips or medical, he goes to daycare, w/ice cream and dogs his size. Daycare is a big deal. Less kids, more dogs, and daycare! Today was a beautiful day. We got out for a drive before I had to get back and work on the tax return. I hate that chore with a passion! I told my husband on the phone, I lost 3/4 days painting to do this. Next year, it will go to a preparer, I will go on strike!
PS This dog needs some obedience training. He will seldom come when called! Pekes are very stubborn.

When we are older the pets make you happy. When you are younger, and life bogs down, we can go buy a pretty pair of shoes.

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