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Unhappy My long term boyfriend hates my parents

This is my first time using a forum so I hope it helps!

Ive been with my boyfriend for 3 years and we have a very serious relationship. I know we will be getting married in a few years. But we are in a very complicated situation.

We were in an accident with my parents company vehicle. The other person's insurance company has sued my boyfriend and my parents for money to cover the other vehicle (our insurance company sued my parents company claiming to have cancelled our insurance but the case was withdrawn)
Long story short my parents ate divorced now and live in different countries. They refuse to come for the court date. This leaves my boyfriend to pay the settlement alone.
Because of this he hates my parents and refuse to have anything to do with them again. He calls them names and says disrespectful things.
I want them to get along but I know its not his fault. I just never thought I would be with someone who will not talk to my parents.

What should I do??
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