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Re: Recently separated after 17 years of marriage honest advice and views needed

Ah ralf you are a kind man, and funny. That did make me laugh what you said about you wife not talking to all those people. needed that laugh today as my husband has just lost out on some work again, and we are pretty desperate:-(
How sad that the young mans grave isnt cared for, but I guess his relatives are long gone now:-( SO tragic:-(

Please do bear in mind what I said, I am wiling to talk to her any time. No I dont watch that not mad on Peter Kay. I am into Downton right now(lOVE that programme) and a couple of good police dramas that are on( I think one is called 'forgotten' cant remember what the other is called). Also like Lewis which has just started again, my older daughter lives in Oxford and its nice to see the lovely buildings in the programme.
Google box is also very entertaining if a bit rude at times. 'Would I lie to you' also very funny.
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