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Re: I don't love my wife and never have...

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How much do you value the promises that you made till death do us part and for better and for worse? Did you not mean what you said?. Do you feel its ok to abandon your family because you think you made a mistake? Where does commitment and responsibility come in to it?
I don't look at it as "i made a mistake". I made a choice. At the time it was the what i thought was the right choice. I married young, and even though it's not an excuse, "till death do us part" at that time over 20 years ago meant nothing like it does now. Those vows mean more as you get older and appreciate them for what they are. If I knew what I know now would I have married...No. That's not because I don't love her, it's because when I was young certain things didn't matter as much. As you grow, so does your view and knowledge of the world. Saying all that, I do not regret marrying her. She is not a horrible person. I'm blessed to have great children. I would never take that back. We have both become so unhappy with each other that, at least for me, I don't see a way back. I just can't see continuing on the current path of me being unhappy, her being unhappy, and the kids seeing the tension and unloving relationship me and her have. No, it doesn't say I can divorce for not being happy, but I am. My choice, and I know God will judge me for that if he so chooses. But if my kids are happier, and my wife finds happiness again than it's worth it to me. Your husband would have been married and miserable all those years for what? That is just insane. It's as crazy as my mom staying with my dad and not fulfilling all she wanted in life. I'm not making a decision because I think it's just good for me, but a decision that I think is best for everyone involved in the long run. I'm not abandoning anyone, let alone doing it because I think I made a mistake.
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