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Re: I don't love my wife and never have...

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Yet again you are going by what some priests will or wont do, and not by what the Bible says. I do know pastors who wouldn't marry all those who have been divorced. Never go by what others say but study it for yourself.

God never says that we will all be happy all our lives. God never said that we will love our spouses all our lives. People could use that as an excuse to do anything. IE "I love this other person so I can leave my spouse and children, because after all God wants me to be happy" WHAT???
We will never be happy or at peace if we disobey Him. Have you considered a separation? Maybe even a legal one? Of course neither of you would be able to remarry, but then you cant Biblically anyway.
This is a time of testing for you and of trusting God, and of looking to Him for more of your happiness and peace.
I'm not going by what some say, I'm just using this as another example of how the beliefs in christianity are not cut and dry, and followed the same by all who do believe. We have been seperated for 5 months and counting. I'm not sure I would ever remarry, but if I found someone I wouldn't not get married because of the biblical aspect.
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