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Debt problem with new wife-Advice sought


I'm lucky enough to be married to a great woman but our debt situation is putting a strain on our marriage. The problem is she has something like 30000 in Credit card debts so something like 90% of the household costs fall on me. We both work with our wages being on the ratio of 60:40 in favour of me. When we got married I took on virtually all of the wedding debts (although it wasn't a big do), about 90%. In a moment of madness I took out a 10000 loan so as to reduce her monthly payments to the credit card companies. I was content with this arrangement as she paid the monthly amount fully and on time. Then I found out she was still using a couple of the cards my loan had paid off (despite her cutting the cards up). We had an argument about something totally unrelated and I revealed I knew about the cards. She was defiant about this saying such things as "how do you think I could afford to buy things on Honeymoon". A little down the line she has thankfully started on a debt repayment plan, but despite her income now being something like 500 a month better then it was I have only been given an extra 120 a month to make ends meet. Of course I'm pretty much in the same financial position as was, work long hours for a London wage of 27000 a year. If I talk to her on this it's "I need to repair the car" and she actually gets a bit hostile. I feel this financial situation is making me very resentful due to it's unfairness. if I were a rich man it wouldn't worry me, but my backs against the wall, additionally one of us has to remain credit worthy if we need to get a new rental so a shared bank account is out of the question. We don't have any children. I can't even get some breathing space from a debt reconcilation loan due to taking on the 10000 loan above. very angry, very resentful and very sad. any advice would be wonderfully. Thanks for listening.
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