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Re: Need Advice, wife thinks she did nothing wrong !!

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OH dear The thing is that I totally agree with you. If my husband had done anything like that with another woman I would have been furious, even if she had started it. Its totally inappropriate and I have to suggest that you choose your friends more wisely and not get into any more drink filled sessions with such young immature people. She is old enough to know better.
I am not sure what you can do, but I am sure that if you had done that with another woman, she would have also been hurt and angry.
Agreed I'm surprisedyou idnt re-aarange his nose for him, im not a violent man but would of been very tempted to wipe the smile off his stupid drunken face, also your wife is way out of order she needs to realise that is not appropriate behaviour under any circumsatnces
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