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Re: Christian Marriage And Sex Toys

Lukibi, assuming this is a serious question - - -

Within a truly loving relationship, I sincerely believe anything that BOTH parties find pleasurable is fine. But, I have to say that I read a degree of what I can only describe as selfishness in both of you. I may be wrong and if I am, I'm sorry.

You refer to your sexual needs in a number of posts - and those needs are perfectly normal of course. But you also use the word "insisted". You then talk about your husband wanting "quickies" - why exactly are you with each other? Is it just for sex?

Why not try and find loving ways of ensuring you give each otehr the love and pleasure you seek? That could be thro books, professional advice, or even just talking to each other to find out what's good and what works.

Sex toys are great - for adding to each other's joy from making love together. That doesn't stop you using it/them to satisfy yourself either of course, with or without your partner. But to just use it "mechanically" always strikes me as being a bit callous. For your husband to just want to use your body in the way you infer he might want to also strikes me as callous.

Sex is great - enjoy it however is good for you both. Please don't demean it to purely a mechanical act - that's just f***ing!

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