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Re: Marriage Problems

Hi Templebob..

This repreat of your last marriage must be very depressing. I don't believe that "girls' night out" is a good idea unless it is once or twice a month and that to be for movies or restaurant outing. No way bar hopping or clubbing fits into the agenda as acceptable.

You are too accomadating and tolerant, where there needs to be some real confrontation. There has to be made very clear that you will not put up with this behavior. If it is girls night out say you will tag along. There has to be a showdown. There is also the nature of your intimate behavior, as it sounds she is definitiely slumming.

Did you need to lose 37 lbs or was that stress? I really think the age difference has little to do with the issues, if you are active, and keep working on your own appearance and health. I think this has to do with the closeness we feel to our mate and the respect and love that is demonstrated in the marriage. If you take her for granted, then she will seek to look attractive to others..that is a given. There has to be some heat in that marriage. That mostly comes from you! Why not suggest a couple days for a getaway?

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