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Re: Lost faith in it all

Originally Posted by verysadlady View Post
Hello Chosen I rememeber you too and thanks again.

this particular man was a commitment-phobic. Loved the chase, got terrified in the relationship and then sabotaged it. It has been oh so difficult to cope with.

No! He was an athiest. A doctor.

Perhaps you are right, but the only men in my church are married or children. Ther's no single men my age and I rarely meet practicing Christian men nowadays. Perhaps that's London for you.

I was looking for a "good" man.

I thought he was one
Not sure If I told you but I met my husband on a Christian dating site. I was like you, in a church where there just werent any single men of anywhere near my age. My son and his wife also met on a dating site and I know about 5 or 6 other Christian couples who did as well. Being in London you may well have far more choice that if you lived in a small town or village so it may be worth a try?
God does actually say that we shouldnt unequally yoked, and having Christian friends who are married to non Christian men, I can tell you that its very hard for them.
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