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How does gay marriage harm society?

It would appear that the referenced articles (three of four I could access) make the point well:
Gay marriage is un-natural, a “construct” to make homosexual unions more “respectable”.

It seems to me, in observing the few close homosexual friends I have (had; three dead) in my life, that homosexuals need constant reassurance that they are “right”, that they are “okay”. Those who are Catholic and lead a celibate life are most troubled that other Catholics will recognize their proclivity and denigrate them in some way. That being said, we, as a Church, have not been real successful in promoting heterosexual chastity. Because we do not speak out firmly about male-female relationships, we seem tongue-tied when it comes to speaking about same-sex attraction. We fail, often, in my mind, to denounce the sin, but welcome the sinner to confession and repentance and community, in that exact order.

If I may, let me separate homosexuals into two groups: One group, like most of us, try to live a life of quiet competence, sometimes frustrated by being labeled homosexual, but generally respectful of what used to be called cultural norms and those who espouse them. The second group contain the outspoken purveyors of a “new” normalcy, fueled sometimes by politics, sometimes by hatred of opponents, sometimes by a perceived need for everyone to approve their lifestyle. The former go about their private, work and spiritual lives much as the rest of the world. The latter become bullies, often assisted by sympathizers in the media who may or may not be guided by ulterior motives. These bullies have an “agenda”, and it must be accomplished by any and all means. It is not a civil rights situation, like women’s suffrage, or black prejudice. Present laws, according to the bullies, must not only protect homosexuals, they must be reformed to affirm a homosexual lifestyle, almost to flaunt it. They have come far; look at what is taught in our schools, shown on TV, marched in St. Patrick Day parades.

I don’t like bullies….of any kind. My political representatives understand my point of view. Whether they bow to the bullies, like the fiasco from the King and Spalding law firm in the DOMA case, is unknown at present. Part of the solution to dealing with the bullies will depend on how reasonable people present their reasonable demands for protection of all citizens' rights….not just those of a vocal and disruptive few.
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