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Re: Children to learn about domestic abuse

I also support this move. I suffered from a very turbulent upbringing with an alcoholic abusive step mother. I didn't recognise it as abuse , to me as a child that's just the way life was.

I struggled with normal healthy relationships as an adult because I had no clue as to what behaviour was normal and my first marriage was also very physically , emotionally and mentally abusive. As a result I've suffered years of depression.

Had I had the benefit of education on abuse from a young age I may well have acted differently, recognising what was happening to me and this could have changed the course of my life. At the very least , the trust issues I've suffered from all of my adult life may have been helped.

I think educating children in an age appropriate way is enabling and it also removes the stigma of being an abused child. It can feel very shaming to a child to admit that they've suffered or witnessed abuse.

Anything that helps to reduce and raises awareness of domestic violence is, in my eyes, a good thing.

You can't " coccoon " children from reality , so much better to help them to recognise and deal with issues.
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