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Re: I don't want to get a divorce

Originally Posted by leilag View Post
he is in France. He has to get a lawyer and says that he can file on abandonment charges because I am in the UK.

I think the French law is similar he has to get a lawyer and file papers then we both have to agree. Not sure what to do, should I go to France and collect my affairs or hope for the best.
So by the sounds of it, you dont have to agree to this divorce do you?. How can he file for abandonment if you are only abroad for your job? Why not tell him, if you can, that you wont agree to it, and that you want a year or so to reflect and think. Dont let him rush you into anything. There's no hurry is there.
If he is in France can you write to him? Maybe you could write and give the letter to the friend to give him.
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