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Unhappy she wants to take my son away

We had been married for 15years and 3 children, she had been cheating on me and blamed it on me that i neglected her. i moved out with me two son's at the time 9 and 4 years old my daughter 14 stayed with her. We had joint custody but i had legal guardianship over the two boys. after 6 months we started to talk about every thing and started to try and work things out 8 months after that we moved back in the same home. we didn't fight we lived a very nice life for around 5 years, out of now where she handed me the divorce papers?????? i was in such disbelieve, she field on irreconcilable differences, she said it was to close the old chapter and start a new one i cried but did go with it, i moved out of the home i could only afford a little 1 bed room so the kids staid with her. i was miserable. the youngest son stayed with me all the time he never wanted to go home. after the divorce was final she asked if wanted to move back home i said yes and came home. The children wanted that. latter i realsed what i have done, with the divorce we still had joint custody but she was awarded legal guardianship. we lived together for 2 years the children and i felt very safe and loved, we have always made mom the center of our lives. then she accused me of having an affair (when i worked, spent all of my off time with her and the kids, lost most of my friends) i told her that's not true i never would do that. so she forced me to move out again, our daughter was 20 she had her own place my 16 year old son said i cant leave his mom alone and wanted to stay with her, it was hard for me but i was ok with it. as i was packing up my stuff and moving it to my new apartment my 11 year old son said dad i'm coming with you. she freaked out and did not want that i was sooooooo happy. so i asked her one more time to think about this, she said no she cant do this anymore. we moved out, not even 2 weeks later she had accidentally sent me and some other man nude pics on her cell phone. so she admitted to having a boyfriend now that she loves just after 2 weeks of moving out????? she stopped by a few times a week after work to spend a 15-30 min with her son, she spent saturdays with him at my house because i work weekends. and she let him spend the night only on tuesdays. but in 10 months he only stayed with his mom maybe 10-14 night. he feels that she doesn't want him around because of her now second boyfriend. all thou he lives with me the still take the child support out of my pay and give it to her and she gives it back to me. but i found a good women that wants to have my son and me in her life. my ex wife freaked out, swore that her son would never live in the same house as a another women, and now she is trying to take my son away from me, he refuses to leave my side we are so close to each other. what can i do to stop her from splitting us apart????????? please help us......
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