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Re: she wants to take my son away

Kill-lmt Why did you move out of the home? Your wife is obviously being unfaithful to you but why should you just be in a room?

If the case goes legal having a home will obviously be crucial. Normally both parents have access so there is no way that will be denied to you. You have a case going for you in that the 11 yr old wanted to be with you. I am sure that will be taken into account.

On paper you could have legal guardianship like you had before. There is a case history on this already there and that will be referred to in the courts.

Being in the home would have helped as it would be a home for the children. If she doesn't want to be married she should leave really.

I'm not a legal expert but on a human level you are the innocent party here.

There is hope in that you have met someone else who could also be a mother to your children but obviously this will be contested. I would try and work it out with your wife on a personal level before it has to go to court.
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