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Re: she wants to take my son away

as for the legal side if they kid is of a mature age he can choose who he wants to live with. the courts will be able to see that you have allways provided for the kids and allways put there interest at hearts and that you geniuly tried to make the marriage work but didnt happen. now you got a chance to live a new life (as it were with another women), there by enabling you to get some thing better than a one bed apartment.

emotionaly. sounds as if because you have moved on she wants to spite you for it by stating she is going to get full custidoy of your child, sounds as if she hate the fact you have moved on and wants pay back for it.

from what i can gather i would guess (i may be wrong and this is just personnel opinion) that her new boyfriend wont last long and she will want you to move back in as before kinda like a safty line she thinks you will allways be there for her and that gives her comfort, but when you said you was seeing some one she flew in a rage cause now she dosent have that safty its like taking somthing away from a baby it cries and gets upset and angry but eventuly calms down.(i may be entierley wrong this is just my personnel idea if you dont like what i have said please say so and i will remove my comment)

hope i could help a bit
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