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Re: she wants to take my son away

Lawyer up.

I mean: GET A BRIEF or at least some serious legal advice and representation. Otherwise you will lose everything and your son AND end up paying for it.

The law and courts these feminazi days are so biased towards the wife/mother, even if she is the 'guilty' party, you'll get legally ar**raped every which way to Sunday and back again.

You think men dress up in Spiderman customs and hang off tall buildings for the good of their health?

Ok, that was my advice as a husband and father. Now my advice as a Xian: Walk away, understand that your son is a man now. Tell him the truth and tell him that you will always be there at the end of an email or cell phone, that your door is always open for him and that you love him and if he wants then the day he turns 18 there is a bed in your new house for him.

Unless you're Catholic ,your duty is now to the new 'wife', to yourself and not to the adulteress .

"not even 2 weeks later she had accidentally sent me and some other man nude pics on her cell phone" By accident....right..sure....are you really THAT stupid?

Sorry if the tone of this post seems hurtful but sometimes you have to shoot from the hip, even with a bucket full of agape.

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