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Re: Wife wants space

Sounds like more than one problem here LL. I think your wife's head has been turned by something or other. No doubt she has problems but deserting her marriage to try and relive her youth is a bit immature. Marriage, where there is commitment, can be very fulfilling indeed. You were wrong to flirt with someone else and this must have undermined your marriage to a certain extent, but you have put it right it seems and were sorry about it. I think your wife has problems which are nothing to do with you. All you can do is carry on what you are doing just now, showing her practical love when there is opportunity. Really what she needs to do is to commit to you and the children, especially to the one she rejected in her heart, and work through everything from that base. Something was obviously lacking if she had to rely on cannabis. Hopefully she can get through this cold turkey and get free. Going off now is not the best thing for her or anyone in my view.
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