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Re: How does gay marriage harm society?

It is a difficult one. Jesus did not condemn anyone and we are told not to judge anyone either. That is one thing but to promote homosexual marriage on purpose onto the rest of us is obviously wrong. That is a political thing and one that we can write to our MP about and also petition, perhaps through the Coalition for Marriage while it is still being debated in parliament. I think most are still looking for the answers here. I think it will be counter productive for the church to shout homosexuality is wrong. That is one thing that will destroy our cause in the climate we find ourselves in. Anyone seriously seeking the truth will find out the truth of it anyhow. I don't think one can share the good news of Christ and condemn at the same time.

The biggest battle just now is to pray and petition the government as they seek to redefine what marriage is against the clear provisions of the bible and also normal society in the world.
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