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Re: How does gay marriage harm society?

Why does society consider gay marriage to be OK, but polygamy to be bad?

Marriage is a critical part of any community. It's important to keep it up to date, but there is no reason to allow people to engage in behavior that damages the community. Gays have fought long and hard to convince us that they won't cause any harm. Polygamists have done the opposite.

Polygamy causes an imbalance in the sexes in the community. It creates a large underclass of unmarried men who have no hope of a family or sex with a wife, which is the only way most men can do it without guilt. Countries that have a lot of polygamy have a real problem with these men. They tend to turn to gangs and crime and rebellions.

Look at the countries that allow it. The people there generally want to come here to live. We don't want to move there. Their countries are poor and backwards, and polygamy is part of the problem. It benefits no one except the rich powerful men who can afford it. The women have their civil rights suppressed so they must go along. Children are neglected, and the parenting potential of the unmarried men is wasted. It's a mess.

Polygamy has been tried here by many groups. They all fail. The ones doing it now are also abusing welfare systems and their kids. Their excess young boys are dumped early on society because they don't the competition for brides. Their girl children are married off early into virtual slavery.

With a track record like that, no politician is going to support them.
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