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Re: How Can I Forgive and Trust My Husband Again?

That is a difficult one. Trust takes the longest to build up in a relationship but can be broken the quickest. Therefore it will take a long time for the trust to build up again and only if there is a basis for you to trust again. It is up to him really to show himself trustworthy. This will not be worth it unless there is sincere repentance there from him, not being just sorry he got caught.

If there is sincere repentance then he won't mind being accountable to you for his movements in order to restore your trust. Of course if there is sincere repentance there it will mean you forgiving in due course. This may well be a process but it will start with a decision to want to do it.

I would demand a few things to make him accountable if he wants to stay married to you. Messing about will now be over if he is sincere. I would make certain conditions for taking him back initially as there will be a lot of work to do if the marriage is going to be mended.

If a fresh start is possible it would be worth checking online activity for porn etc. just in case. That can be as bad sometimes and you need to close that door while you are at it if it is a feature.
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