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Unhappy My wife left me for a guy she just met at work :( will she regret

Hello Everyone I am new to this ,I am looking For Some help in that I think will Be some clarity in my thinking and feeling. Im a 33 year old man. Just recently my wife came to me and said "I'm confused, I don't feel happy any more I don't feel realized as a person" to which I said "whats going on? Maybe we just need to think and talk maybe a day or 2 to clear our heads" so I went to my sisters house for the weekend and she went and celebrated her friends b-day in key west. When we came back on Sunday night she said she no longer loved me. I said "how can that be? Just out of the blue, you don't love me anymore"

At that point we had been together for nearly 10 years. We have a beautiful 5 year old daughter. We were married in September of 2012, had home and a family and not 5,6 months ago she would tell me how happy she was. We had a good relationship but like any other we had ups and downs, fights, discussions, break ups, reconciliation, but most of all alot of laughter, ALOT OF LAUGHTER!!! And so much love. When she said this to me I was floored I was upset I was hurt I couldn't believe it. At first I thought I had to work on myself and the relationship to fix things.

When we met in 2003, I thought she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen (I still do). I was also my self a rare male specimen I was a 300 lb very muscular man, with a good job at the time, a decent car, a very active social life with a great assortment of friends of both sexes, I had many, many hobbies which I excelled at, and I played in what became one of the most known and respected musical acts in the city of Miami. From the moment I met her I knew she was the one for me and I thought she felt the same as she would say it all the time. We had some ups and downs but our bond grew stronger and there was always respect. We moved in together after 9 months of dating, we lived together ever since spending almost all of our time together. In 2009 our daughter was born and that changed everything for me all my goals and wants and perspective changed, I realized what was truly important. When our daughter was 3 months old We had a huge fight and she moved with her mom to key largo. I followed her and lived with her family for nearly a year she had already found a job and I basically became a stay at home dad, I would make money playing music with my band but my major contribution was really the daily care and raising Of our baby. In 2011 I left their house due to wanting a better more steady source of income and she h wad become too controlling, but I went back 9 months later cause I missed her and my daughter so much. Her family all moved out and left her high and dry With no place to live, I went back there and within 3 months had moved us out to one of the nicest places in key largo.

We were happy life was good, we had nice things plus we lived comfortably. We were finally a family and together, I left my band I put everyone else aside And put all my strength and effort and time into my family!!! I had to work overnight to pay the rent and have some left over money, our daughter was in day care everything was great.

The over night working of 10 pm to 7 am took it's toll on my health both physically and mentally. I let myself go BIG TIME I gained like 100 lbs. But continued loving her and working hard, I supported her decision to go back to school and stayed working over night, for 2 years I worked overnight. Until she said I needed a better job or more money. So I applied for a higher position and got it and got the raise. I will admit the distance from my family the loss of my band and everything I had worked for weighed heavy on me as well as having no friends around, I fell into a bit of a slump. I never let it affect our relationship. I loved her and told her and showed her everyday, I told her how beautiful she was all the time, I did start drinking more often at home not going out to bars cause I loved being at home with my girls.

Around February of this year things started changing with her she started saying she didn't feel young. That her life was boring, that I wasn't the same man she married. In march when we had to decide if continue living where we were or leave we decided to sign the lease, by april she wanted out of everything. She said she wasn't happy she said she didn't love me anymore. I died inside! I was literally physically hurt from it. The month that followed was the worst time of my life (and I've been in prison) it felt like I was living with a total stranger who no matter how much I tried to reason with treated me like ****! Like I didnt matter, as if ten years meant nothing. I would cry sometimes from the things she would say and how she would act towards me. It was horrible. I couldn't and still cant understand why she would treat me like that. All I ever did was love care help and satisfy, I didn't deserve.

Now this whole time I had my suspicions about a new young good looking guy who started working at her job, she denied it to the end. By may we had broken the lease we had just signed she put all my stuff in 2 boxes and 1 garbage bag. Ten years in 2 boxes and a bag. She took all our things furniture electronics car everything. I had to move back to my sisters house not to mention she told me to take our daughter for the summer. So now I lost my job my home and have to take care of my baby, but she means the world to me so im happy shes here. Even though I know I'm their baby sitter and am helping them out on their honeymoon.

Oh yes, I found out they are together it was who I suspected all along, they are already living together!!! Mind u they just met a couple of months ago. I got on my knees and begged her and cried for her not to do this, to me to us all of us but she didn't care. I have told her I don't care about what happened any of it I'll do what it takes to fix everything. She said sorry and not to write to her about anything but the baby anymore. How could she do this. We meant something. I thought we did we do. They guy is younger and thinner and better looking but those are all superficial things I had responsibilities and was upholding them happily. Maybe we couldn't go out as much cause I would get home tired and our schedules, but u dont leave a marriage and a ten year relationship for that. I wouldn't.

My questions are will she ever regret this?!?! Will she ever realize what she lost?!?! Will I ever know if she regrets!?!?! How can she not see what she did!?!? Will she ever apologize? Will she ever try and come back to me?!?! Will she realize what the sanctity of marriage means?!?! Will she realize that a good man and a loving dedicated father is a very hard thing to find now a days!?!? When will she see what she threw away when will she regret, if ever?!?!
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