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Re: My wife left me for a guy she just met at work :( will she regret

Thanx guys. I know I need to try and recover and move on. I am just so hurt by all this I still don't sleep. I can't talk about it cause I cry. I never thought anything could hurt this much. What hurts me most is how she didn't even think of our daughter and what this will mean and does mean and will do to her. She actually told me "our daughter has good parents who will do anything to make sure she is well, she'll be good" I never thought not for a second she would do this specially not to this extreme.
That's y I wonder will she ever regret? Will she realize what she's done not only to me and my life,but to our babie's life, & maybe even hers!?!?
What will it take for someone to open their eyes and see how bad they hurt someone who truly loved, truly, not some guy she just met! This is so hard!!!
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