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Re: Lost faith in it all

Hello and yes I do remember you.

I am so glad that you have recovered from the horrible break up, but sad that this latest man has let you down again:-( I wonder if he is the sort of man who likes the chase, but once he has the girl he looses interest and wants to chase someone else? Going to meet that lady was totally crazy and to be honest I think you are far better off away from him.

I was just wondering if he was a Christian? Thing is that a mature strong Christian man wouldnt 1) have sex outside marriage anyway, and 2) wouldnt act that way chasing after other women.

Yes there are good men out there, I have one in my husband, my brother is one, my son is one, I know many Christian guys who are decent moral men who love and respect their wives.
My advise, dont even think of dating a man who isn't a strong Christian, and dont date a Christian man who thinks its ok to have sex outside marriage. If you do break up its far harder if you have had sex, and if he loves God and wants to obey Him, he will know that its wrong anyway.
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