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OH dear you are right, you should not have stayed with or married someone who is a druggie and has a drink problem, and the sad thing is that you have decided to have a baby with this man despite the many many red flags screaming at you not to.

I think that you need to give him an ultimatum for this marriage, no more drugs and no more getting drunk. The thought of him looking after a baby/child while being high or drunk, even driving while high/drunk is horrifying.

I would suggest that you both go to marriage counseling (asap with the baby coming), where you can hopefully learn to communicate and work out plans for him to stop the drugs and drink, because he clearly wont control what he does on his own, and unless your sort this out, your child is going to be born and grow up in a home with rows, drugs and a drunk and high dad. At his age its about time he grew up, but you married him knowing all this so not really sure what you expected to happen.
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