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Old 25th January 2010, 03:30 PM   #1
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Question New to Forum - Have a Bridesmaid Dilemma

Hi Everyone,

I am new on here and would appreciate some advice please.

First of all let me introduce myself.

Im Charmedgirl85 (Em is my real name) and I became engaged to my boyfriend of 1 and half years last Oct (09) I love him very much and cannot wait to be mrs p..... I am very supersticious and will not say what my married name will be in full until it is my married name.

Due to financial situation and venue being unavailable - we have set the date of the wedding for August 4th 2012. I know its a while away but is now too early to start planning?

Also I have a dilemma re my bridesmaids (As title says)

I have my best friend and godmother who I would like to be Chief Bridesmaid/Matron of Honour (I couldnt decide so chose both) I will refer to these as L and AC and my little cousin (J) who will be 16 the year we get married. My mum has advised me to hold off asking my cousin too soon for no other reason than she will get too excited and drive everyone insane. Those 3 are definate! The other 2 I have a dilemma over are 2 good friends from primary school, (R and S). I dont particularly see either of them that much but more recently I have become very close again with one of them (R) and she has become like my 2nd best friend. She is the only one who appears to be taking interest in my wedding (taking me to look at dresses, asking about plans ect) Although the others I cannot expect to as L has alot going on and AC has her own young family and full time job. J doesnt even know yet. I dont know whether to ask R and S to be a bridesmaid. I would love them both! I told R straight I would love her to be (after she dropped hints about wanting to be able to see me get married) and she offered to pay for it herself as part of the wedding gift, however I know by asking R I could not leave S out and I dont know if I could afford to have them both as that would be 5 in total. My mum and BF say its completely up to me (mum is making the dresses so that isnt an issue and BF hasnt got anyone he wants eg sister so said he doesnt mind)

I am unsure what to do because as I say I would love to have them both.

Has anyone got any advice? And also is now too early to ask as Im very excited and want someone to share it with?

Thanks a million
Em xx
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Old 25th January 2010, 04:23 PM   #2
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Re: New to Forum - Have a Bridesmaid Dilemma

Hi Em, oh how exciting

Well firstly, I would try wait a while because what if you don't remain so close to one of the bridesmaids and then you feel you have to still have her.

My bridesmaids became a bit of a nightmare, like you one was just not interested at all and the other just took over lol. I ended up with one different for the original because they were all just stressing me out so much.

If you would love to have them both then just save a little extra and have them. Its your big day and I woulodn;t want you to be feeeling all upset about leaving someone out. You mnever know, maybe the one you aren't really sure about won't be able to be one or move or something.

Awwww this so lovely, ghet yourself off to all the wedding fairs you can find and fet lots and lots of freebies.

Wishing you all the best. Will be the happiest day of your life
“One day you’re going to wake up and realize how much you care about her and how amazing she really is… and when that day comes she’ll be waking up next to the man who already knew”
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Old 11th July 2011, 04:52 PM   #3
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Re: New to Forum - Have a Bridesmaid Dilemma

My daugher is getting married in 9 months and is having her sister and a close friend to be her bridesmaids, but she is the sort who keeps friends for ages, and doesnt break up with them, so there wont be a problem.
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