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Old 21st July 2002, 03:36 AM   #1
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Unhappy Pray for us

My wife told me last week that she no longer loves me. We have had a lot of problems which were mainly my fault but I thought we worked them out. I just found out that someone at work is brainwashing her with christian science material. I believe that was the trigger. Please pray for her mind and soul
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Old 17th August 2002, 08:51 PM   #2
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Brainwashing! Ahhh. I know about this all to well. My wife is being brainwashed by her lesbian best friend, who she had an affair with, and now any chance of reclaiming my marriage seem so far away. I love my wife with all my heart but she keeps turning to bad influences. She even has a pastor who she works with who is telling her she should leave me because God wants her to be number one. Huh! Wouldn't God want us to reclaim that happiness that we once had in our marriage? Please pray that my wife will see things God's way... and not the way of bad influences and false prophets. Our names are Tom and Kat. Thanks. My prayers are with you.
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Old 22nd August 2002, 09:09 PM   #3
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My name is also Tom. My wife has since moved out and after initially being friendly, has become more distant. She may be involved with a friend but I am not sure. Please pray that she will continue to pray daily and read the word daily and that she will eventually submit to the Lord. Everyone's advice has been to leave and look out for yourself. I pray that she will start to listen to her mind and think for herself.
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Old 13th March 2004, 02:50 PM   #4
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healing... For those without hope...a mircal prayer for you...The Prayer of St. Theresa...O Glorious St. Theresa, whom almighty God has raised up to aid and counsel mankind, I implore you miraculous Intercessions. So powerful are you in obtaining every need of body and soul our Holy Mother Church proclaims you a "Prodigy of Miracles...The Great St. of Modern Times." Now I frevently beseech you to answer my petition...(say petition here)...and to carry out your promise of spending your time in Heaven doing good upon the earth...of letting fall from heaven a shower of roses. Hence forth, dear Little Flower, I fulfill you plan "to be made known everywhere" and i will never cease to lead other to Jesus through you. Amen. St. Theresa Little Flower, pick me a rose from the heavenly garden and send it to me with the message of love. Ask God to grant the favor I implore and tell him I will love himeach day more and more. SAY 5 Lords' Prayer...5 Hail Marys...5 Glory Be's...for five days before 11:00 a.m....then on the fifth day pray an extra sequence of these prayer for other in despair and publish or circulate prayer on the fifth day. If a rose appears in your life within 5 days after this your prayer will be answered. God Bless you all...with God all things are possible...even miraculous changes of heart.

may you smell the roses soon
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