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Old 14th July 2014, 02:55 AM   #1
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Help My Friend

I am very confused now a day, the reason is that , my friend and also my neighbour , who is 37 year old girl , she is still virgin . She works in an Office , She join this office 6 months ago.
Her parents are died, Two elder brothers are married and 1 elder sister is married and live out of country, in short not any one show intrest in her life,
Now i come to the point.

2 weeks ago my friend's BOSS , who is 67 year old , PURPOSED her , He is a healthy Wealthy and a caring person , He merriage two times before, 1 wife is died and other is Live , He has 9 childern, all of them are married.

The problem is that what She reply her Boss Proposal?
Accept or Not?

She is disturbed now a day because the age difference of her age and her Boss.
If She reply Yes, then how to face the other office colleagues and the society when they go outside the home, like market, park etc

On the other Hand, If She reply NO, her age is also 37, she is already over age, in merriage pt of view.

Plz Help her urgently with ur reply or suggestions . bcz she already take 2 weeks but not come to the decision.

What she do?
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Old 14th July 2014, 06:41 AM   #2
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Re: Help My Friend

He is 30 years older than her!!! She is probably younger than many of his children!!!!

How well do they know each other? Have they been going out together? Does she love him?
If she only marries him because of her age and she thinks she may never meet anyone else, that would be a disaster. By the time she is in her 40's she could end up nursing an old sick man.
They need to get to know each other for a long time before she even thinks of marriage. Otherwise this could be a disaster.
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Old 17th July 2014, 12:53 PM   #3
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Re: Help My Friend

I agree they need time out dating together to sense if it would work.

She should know after a few months whether this is a person she can be married to or not. In the end only she can decide.
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