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Re: Husband doesn't want sex

Originally Posted by 1aokgal View Post

You don't need to be concerned that posters here make judgment calls about your situation in regards to your husband.
It is obvious you love him deeply, even with his niches and habits, whatever. Like many men, he is an idiot not to understand what this does to you. He and my husband should have cattle prod shockers on their ankles to give them a jolt from time to time! Controls in our hands, right?

I paint my husband with the same brush. He is a decent man, hard working, loyal and generous to a fault, but is quite inscrutable to understand. I think we try to explain why we care so much and why we selected the men we love. I think that defies explanation! If I would say I would like another chance at the process, I would still choose the guy.

I know I'd rather spend time with him anywhere, than to be somewhere else. He is still the brightest, most interesting conversationalist I ever knew. I don't trust him to hammer in a nail though, as he is spacey on that kind of repair. He is awfully kind to me and always asks what it is I would like to do. He has the patience of Job to accompany me on shopping trips or gallery viewing or whatever is the agenda. I will tell him if he doesn't want to go there, we can do something different. He says,"What makes you think I don't enjoy to go see things you like?"

I think no one makes judgements here or assigns points when we talk about things of concern. We all just try to figure how to help and what to do. We all love happy endings and want happiness for everyone here.
I wasnt aware that any posters here have made judgement calls about her husband/marriage to be fair. It was clear from the start that they love each other and that he is a decent man. As you say, we all want her marriage to be a good one. Having a good and decent man is so precious.They seem to have so much good in the marriage, and also Baronness is learning so much about herself and coming closer to God through this,and that can only be good as well.

I babysat for a family last night, a new family who I have just started babysitting for ,and when I put the 5 year old to bed(there is also a nearly 2 year old) she was clearly upset when she told me that she cries a lot, because she misses her daddy so much. Her mum and dad arent together any more and mum has another man there. I almost wept. it was so sad. I babysit for another family where the dad left for another woman. Young children again, its tragic, dont these people realise what they are doing to their little ones for selfishness on their part? I hate to see it.


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