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Old 8th February 2002, 07:36 PM   #1
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Unhappy I need a prayer!!!

i recently found out that my wife of 12 years had a affair. When it all came out she said she didnt want that and she wanted me and the family..i am 29 and she is 28..we have 3 beautiful children..10,9,4..... i never yelled screamed of anything of that nature when i found out because deep inside of myself i knew it would happen sooner or later. reason being is that i had takin her for granted along with fallin into a rut and not trying to change myself when she would tell me she needed me to change or she would leave...well i would change for about a month then i would go back to the same old me...not showing affection..ya know that spark of love that u feel when you first meet someone..well that feelin left,and someone that we both worked with showed her the attention that she needed to feel complete and she slept with him 5 times over a year and a half..well when i sat her down and cried to her on my knees,the worst pain of all i tell ya,i asked have to reach way down inside of your heart and ask you really love me and want to remain a part of me? she said yes and told me the truth...or i hope....she told me that it wasnt about the sex...cuz we have a great bedroom was the feeling of being made to feel wanted...she thought i only wanted her here for convience,which was my fault..thats where the "for granted" part comes in... shes says she wants to be happy like before...years ago...when we were 19 and 20...i hate to say it but i guess im sorta glad this happened actually...cuz i think it really awoke my heart and spirit of love. i think that we both learned something from this and everything happens for a reason...and now i just need a prayer that what she tells me about wanting me and wanting us to be happy as a family is the truth....alls i want is the truth... i know my wife...well i thought...but again....thats where the 'for granted' part comes in again... i guess i need answers...?? god i pray to you in heaven that you will touch our hearts and send a angel to be by our sides and help us work through this.. if anyone has any thoughts or any advice...please reply...and keep us in your prayers.. she has told me everything ..from the sex part of her affair to etc..etc.... i really dont think she would tell me that she wants this to work if she didnt....she had the perfect opprotunity to walk out when this all came out and she stayed...quit her job...of which we really relied on...she is now workin for her which she took a 7 dollar and hour pay cut....she tells me to look at it rationally....would i quit my job of which i would need to take care of our 3 kids and do everything to prove that i love you.. well i have to believe her on one hand but the other is FEAR......Scared....... i guess i need a womens point of view i guess... take care all and god bless all of you in this world..... and again thanks for takin a few minutes of your time and reading this....
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Old 9th February 2002, 05:33 PM   #2
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Dear Clueless

Just wanted to acknowledge your posting here. I've answered it on the other forum.

Also to reassure you that we do pray for all who post on the forums and of course those who post on this one. May you find the grace to forgive and trust your wife again and to allow God to show you where you have gone wrong and help you to learn to love her even more deeply.

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Old 9th April 2002, 05:01 AM   #3
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I read your post with a great deal of sadness but I know what you are going through. You need counseling and you need time to heal. In my mind problems in a relationship are not worked out by infidelity. I am not putting your wife down, but marriage is hard work, and people are not cartoons or television. Communication and patience are needed here, and if through communication you find that anger and jealousy won't leave then perhaps separation for a time will help. I will pray for you and hope that soon good feelings and blessings will come to you and your wife. But she must not ever have sex with anyone, ever, she needs to work things out with you.

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Old 13th March 2004, 02:46 PM   #4
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healing... For those without hope...a mircal prayer for you...The Prayer of St. Theresa...O Glorious St. Theresa, whom almighty God has raised up to aid and counsel mankind, I implore you miraculous Intercessions. So powerful are you in obtaining every need of body and soul our Holy Mother Church proclaims you a "Prodigy of Miracles...The Great St. of Modern Times." Now I frevently beseech you to answer my petition...(say petition here)...and to carry out your promise of spending your time in Heaven doing good upon the earth...of letting fall from heaven a shower of roses. Hence forth, dear Little Flower, I fulfill you plan "to be made known everywhere" and i will never cease to lead other to Jesus through you. Amen. St. Theresa Little Flower, pick me a rose from the heavenly garden and send it to me with the message of love. Ask God to grant the favor I implore and tell him I will love himeach day more and more. SAY 5 Lords' Prayer...5 Hail Marys...5 Glory Be's...for five days before 11:00 a.m....then on the fifth day pray an extra sequence of these prayer for other in despair and publish or circulate prayer on the fifth day. If a rose appears in your life within 5 days after this your prayer will be answered. God Bless you all...with God all things are possible...even miraculous changes of heart.

may you smell the roses soon
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