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Old 3rd September 2011, 02:48 AM   #11
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Re: Married and lonely

A discussion point had nothing to do with the merits of a magazine, Playboy or another. That disrupts the question I asked Sasha which was how she discovered her husband has "a problem with porn" as she posted. I wonder what constitutes the porn she mentioned.

I personally see no heavy objectional material in Playboy magazine. There could be some who buy the mag have problems before they read this soft stuff. There can be films out there with raunch material as well. Each makes decisions about what is choice for them. A man or woman might read this issue occasionally. Some who posed for the issues went on into theatre and film roles. We do not live in the dark ages. Well, some of us do not!

Classical schools of painting glorify the beauty of the human body and a cultured world will continue to appreciate and honor that. Whenever a few think they set the standards or social mores for the majority there is a problem. Thats' my take on it.
Can we get back to the original discussion which wasn't about who tolerates what and why.

Forever, you are correct on the points which concerns art. The mag is seen as soft porn. Strictly a matter of personal choice to read or not. It wasn't the subject of my post as chosen cares to make it. Typically a distraction of the original intent of my inquiry.
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married and lonely

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