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PREPARE/ENRICH Relationship Inventory

By John Deagle

The Relationship Inventories

Why Preparing for Your Marriage is Important

Who has not been hurt by the breakdown of an intimate loving relationship? Few of us have not been touched by the divorce of someone very close to us…. parent, child, brother, or sister. Fewer still by the pain of our own disappointments in love.

Prepare/Enrich cannot guarantee success in this most personal of human relationships, but it can promise that you can learn more about yourself, your partner and your relationship. It can promise that you will become more aware of the strengths of your unique relationship and of any areas where growth may still be needed. It can promise that, as you become more aware of the relationship building skills you possess and of the issues which are important to you, you will be better able to make your relationship one of those success stories which we all hope to achieve.

The Prepare/Enrich questionnaire will ask you to agree or disagree with many propositions. Remember as you respond to these questions that this is not a test; there are no “right” and “wrong” answers and you cannot “fail”. As a couple you will provide a snapshot of your unique relationship at that moment. You will then be encouraged to talk and plan for your future…. for ‘Your Marriage, the Movie’…. With you in the Director’s Chair!

It may sound trite, or too good to be true, BUT DOING PREPARE DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE…. More than a million couples world-wide have discovered this for themselves…


Content of the Questionnaires

There are ten questions in each of the following relationship areas

Realistic Expectations

Being realistic about the demands and difficulties

Personality Issues

Accepting your partner’s personality and habits


Feel you are understood, being able to understand and to share your feelings

Conflict Resolution

Feel you are able to discuss and resolve differences

Financial Management

Have a realistic budget, agreeing on financial matters

Leisure Activities

Share interests, enjoy time together and apart

Sexual Relationship

Fel comfortable discussing sexual issues and preferences

Children and Parenting

Agree on number of children and child rearing responsibilities

Family and Friends

Have a good relationship with parents, in-laws, friends

Role Relationship

Agree on how to share decision making, responsibilities

Spiritual Issues

Accept each others religious/spiritual values

Couple relationship

Emotional Closeness. Flexibility

Family of Origin

Emotional closeness. Flexibility

How Does it Work?

A trained Practitioner will first administer the questionnaire which best matches your own circumstances:

Prepare - for pre-marital couples

Prepare-MC - for new marriages which will include step-children

Enrich - for married couples and those cohabiting, with children of their own

Mate - for couples in mid-life….

Your candid responses allow the Practitioner to gather highly relevant data about your unique relationship in an efficient and time saving way. These responses are confidential, and the only person who will tell your partner how you answered any question is you yourself…. In subsequent feedback sessions you are helped to practice important communication and conflict resolution skills. You will gain a fuller understanding of the strengths within your relationship, which you can build on, and also any areas where growth is still needed. You are encouraged to complete the six exercises in the booklet “Building a Strong Marriage” which you receive….

In some cases you may be able to join a Growing Together group which provides the feedback for groups of couples working together. These groups may contain a mix of marrying and recently married couples and can develop into valuable support groups in the early years of marriage.

Why YOU should use PREPARE

Because it is:

Efficient and powerful….

David Olsen PhD. Life Innovations

“In about one hour the data collected….
…. is equivalent to what would otherwise require several hours of skilled questioning by a highly trained practitioner.”

Relevant and Accurate….

Clergy couple, recently trained (November 1999), commenting on their own results.

“Our results provided an extremely accurate portrayal of our relationship.”


Some typical couple comments after completing the inventory and feedback sessions:

“We knew we had some problems in our relationship; now we can see the way ahead more clearly and we are determined to keep on making improvements.”

“This showed us how and why our relationship is already good, and now we are confident we can make it even better.”

FINALLY. What does it cost?

Analysing and Scoring the results costs £25.00 per report. Payment for the Practitioner’s services are by arrangement with them. Please contact PREPARE/ENRICH of you need further information



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- The Relationship Inventories

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