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The Gift of Marriage Preparation

Are you prepared??

Getting married is one of the most exciting and challenging steps any couple can take - but it is only a step! It's the beginning of a journey called "Marriage"!!

Are you prepared for the Journey? Have you thought about the issues and challenges ahead so that you are prepared to deal with the rough as well as the smooth?

Whether you are looking for preparation yourself, or as a gift for someone you care about, the 2-in-2-1 "Gift of Marriage" Preparation Voucher offers you the very best preparation available in the UK. How does it work?

  • You will be put in touch with a local Marriage Preparation Facilitator who will guide you through the whole process, working with you confidentially as a couple
  • You will complete a "Relationship Inventory" - a structured questionnaire that will explore your different experiences and expectations of marriage
  • The Facilitator will score your responses to highlight the areas in which, by working through the issues raised, you can be better equipped to deal with the challenges ahead. Your voucher entitles you to a single one hour feedback session with your facilitator. You can arrange more with the Facilitator should you wish.
  • At the end we will send you a framed certificate as a reminder of the preparatory work that you have put in to make your marriage fulfilling and lasting.

Over 1,000,000 couples around the world have taken inventories like these in the last 20 years, and the follow up research shows incontrovertibly that there is a real and lasting benefit in the form of more successful, longer, happier marriages.

Invest in a successful marriage

The average investment by a couple in their wedding in UK is now over 14,000. The investment in the gift of preparation is less than 1% of this at just 110!! Many brides will spend that just on their shoes which will be worn for one day and then never used again. The "Gift of Marriage" Preparation can truly transform a lifetime.

We are so confident in the insights that our Facilitators will offer into your relationship that we offer a full money back guarantee of satisfaction!

At present the "Gift of Marriage" Preparation is only available in England and Wales - we hope to cover other areas of UK and Ireland in due course.

Four simple steps!

To order your "Gift of Marriage" Preparation Voucher there are just four simple steps:

  1. First you complete the simple form below and click on the "Submit" button. If you are ordering the Voucher as a gift, please check the box.
  2. Proceed to our secure payment system through Paypal. If you are not already signed up with Paypal you will need to complete their simple registration before you can order.
  3. When you have completed your transaction at Paypal you will be brought back to 2-in-2-1 to complete the details we need to set up your marriage preparation.
  4. Then, within 10 days, we will despatch the "Gift of Marriage" Voucher together with contact details for specifically selected local facilitators.

Order now!

Please complete all three fields below.

Your first name:
Your last name:
Your Email address: This will be the address which we contact regarding the payment.

Purchase as a gift: The Couple's name:

If you experience any difficulties with any stage of the process please Contact us with details and we will do our very best to resolve them.

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