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Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements have become increasingly popular mainly as a result of some high profile celebrity cases from the USA. Increasingly 'ordinary folks' in the US and Scandinavia are using these agreements to try to give a level of security and certainty around property and children in the event of marriage failure.

Currently they do not have the binding force of law for married couples in the UK, though interestingly they do for Unmarried Couples. Once a couple gets married it becomes the responsibility of the courts to decide the right and proper division of property, custody of children etc, and they would not hesitate to ignore any pre-nuptial agreement.

At DeskTop Lawyer you can read more extensive advice on the Pro's and Con's of drawing up a Prenuptial Agreement and buy a ready made legal format just ready for you to put in your particular details. Perhaps as you prepare for married life the greatest benefit to be drawn from drawing up such an agreement is that it provides a structured way of really tackling the conversation about your individual attitudes to the material possessions you bring into your marriage, and those you hope to gain along life's way. Really getting to understand your partners attitudes and fears is a great way to deepen your communication and commitment to the success of your marriage together.

Tip by Dave Percival

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